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About Us

Profile of SSSPO

Objectives of SSSPO

1-To rehabilitate the country through protracted development in all walks of social, cultural and public life. The provision of services that contribute towards long-term sustainable peace and development in Afghanistan

2-To provide educational opportunities for Afghan children, specifically for war affected,demobilized children, returnees and other vulnerable.

3-To strengthen community lead and participatory development with a focus on supporting the most vulnerable groups especially youth and women.

4-Promote democracy, Gender & human rights, and youth participation.

5-To survey, design, plan and implement projects that encourage the development of vulnerable Afghans and rehabilitate the country by sustainable social development, education and employment creation opportunities.

6-To render services in the capacity building sectors, specifically educational and vocational trainings, and other basic social requirements.

7-To contribute to the alleviation of human rights and provision of basic social services to vulnerable people of Afghanistan.

8-To create a job environment for Afghan people, especially those women who are responsible for supporting their families.

Education and Awareness

Access and quality of education are major issues particularly in the rural areas of Afghanistan. There are limitations in the existing educational system. The public sector is inefficient, entailing poor planning, implementation and monitoring mechanisms. Due to lack of expertise and capacity, proper need assessment is not carried out. The goal of SSSPO’s education sector is to provide quality base education, and meet the basic educational needs and requirements of vulnerable children, especially girls and children from disadvantaged groups. In this regard SSSPO has already intervened in the local communities of Kabul, Takhar, Badakhshan and Samangan provinces with the help of national and international donors to implement projects. Schools have been constructed and trainings and workshops has been conducted in which hundreds of rural masses has built their capacities.

Livelihood and Income Generation / Skill Building

The primary objective behind the establishment and operation of a vocational and educational training is to enable trainees with market driven trade in order to empower them for income generation of their families. The trainees are provided with high-quality skills in the field of vocational training. The most vulnerable part of our society; women, are the first priority of SSSPO in this regard. Women who are the family heads or have no other mean of income are selected on the basis of their interest and abilities and their capacities are built in order to help them develop their own business. Till now SSSPO has helped more than 500 rural families to develop their skills for income generation through vocational trainings and other support.

Human Rights with emphasis on women and children rights

Like other underdeveloped countries, Afghanistan too faces lots of human rights violation and regulations problem. There are thousands of Women and children in Afghanistan who are victims of different types of injustice, in terms of societal and legal abuse. In this regard SSSPO is striving to advocate the raising problems of the women and children of rural areas in Afghanistan. Making awareness and educational campaign on women rights and try to eliminate all types of violence against women through the collaboration of communityelders, government and international community are the key strategies of SSSPO.