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Training Held on EVAW law in Baharak District of Badakhshan

Posted by : Ahadia Date : 2020-02-16

opics that were trained in the first day of training:
1. An introduction on EVAW law
2. General provision
3. Terminologies
4. Types of violation
5. Preventive and supportive measures
6. Responsibilities of governmental institutions
7. Higher commissions of non discrimination of women gender based
8. Evaluation
No. Participants institutions Participated number
1 Chief commander of police 9 persons
2 Local police (Arbaky) 8 persons
3 Prosecutors 3 persons
4 Primary court 3 persons
5 Voluntary women affairs activist 2 persons
Second day of training starts on evaluation of the participants, a review of their understanding from first day lectures. Inaugurations of second day happened by commander Habib, the training context was on the criminal liability of violations against women. This time participants hypothetically discussed the provisions of law;
rape cases, prosecutors said most of the time girls who are victims of violations reaching institutions and officials ask her an illicit relationships so the girls escaped from the province, those who are in the homes and get aware of such examples they never dare to open a case against a violator.
Identification right: police officers posed a real story like; in a wedding party
Under age marriages: lawyers explained the conditions that age for marriage is not fixed in Qur’an because maybe a girl would be reach to her adult age while she is 12. These lawyers refused such articles of the law which fixes the age of marriage, and they said it is in contradiction to the Islamic provisions. In response of them trainers argued that age of maturity is different based on geographical and genetic matters even in Islam age of maturity doesn’t have a specific number of age, but maturity is a big and vast theory which deserve another lecture.
Bad (giving a women in exchange of murder or any other criminal penalty): prosecutors and other participants were agreed on the criminal liability of giving a women in exchange of a murdered case. Beating: one of the police officers said the Great Messenger of Islam (Muhammad) was saying that “if your wife doesn’t obey you, at the first stage explain her and try to solve it by word, if she will not accept then stay or make a sexual distance from her, finally beating her not as much as you bring her in a dangerous situation of health, or you can divorce her”.
Selling and buying of women for the reason of marriage: one of the prosecutors said a practical example; like one girls reach to him and open a case against his father and her lawsuit was investigated well and finished successfully.
Force marriage: a lawyer from the participants explained that he evidenced such cases that a boy has 14-18 age married with a girl that she was around 25-28 years old, but they never saw each other and never accepts each other, here is also the we see discrimination because within the law everyone has the right to select or deselect his life mate.
One of the participants from the police, posed an example like a boy and a girl loves each other while their families doesn’t accept it, finally they filed the case to the court but unfortunately the girl was killed by her cuisine cousin.
Insults, humiliation and intimidation: women from the participants said if a husband being in jailed or prosecuted because of insults, humiliation and intimidation, when he released their family order no longer in place even he divorce her women which creating another challenge in the society nobody see good as other women.
Educational materials:
1. Criminal liability of and hypothetical cases, each of them with relevant articles
2. Extra or general knowledge
3. Post provision of laws (Lack of pardon and commutation of the sentence suspended)
4. Evaluation and a summary of training
Suggestions by participants:
 Chief commander of police: he said most of the victims could not presented their concerns and cases in public or even in such trainings because of many governmental oppositions, so it is better to create a condition which deserves confidentiality for them and they openly presented cases of violation.
Challenges and problems: in coordination Sabir faced a problem with two institutions chief commander of police and chief commander of local police (Arbaky) which they were not presented in their offices. The venue for the training was not settable because if we set hall of chief commander the other institutions were not ready to come. Finally he chooses the hall of cultural committee to hold training on it.

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