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Posted by :ADMIN Date : 2020-08-24

The social Safety and Social Protection Organization is planning to  work with 20 women in the Badakhshan province who will be working for 20 days to produce 25 face masks per day , total of 10,000 face mask overall, and will get an incentive of 200 AFN on daily basis in return which would mean a total of AFN 4000 incentive per worker for the period of  20 days. This not only will help slow down the spread of COVID-19, but it will also help stabilize the economical situation of the women-Lead families who have no one else to provide for them. The produced Face Mask will then be gathered, boxed and given to the department of health in Badakhshan through a press conference to be distributed to the general public. Therefore, the main partners for implementation of this project includes but are not limited to local department of health, the city’s main hospital, media and the women who will be producing the face masks.

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