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About Us

Organizational Structure of SSSPO

  • A Board of Directors
  • A Panel of Experts / Consultants
  • A Management Staff

Board of Directors (BOD)

BoD consist of experienced and responsible members from community and the development sector, who devise the strategic directions of the SSSPO, give necessary consultation in time of need, review the overall organizational performance and help resolving problems related to the long-term sustainability of the SSSPO. The board members meet and discuss the SSSPO’s operations biannually. The board is led by a chairman and the CEO act as a secretary to the board from management.

Organizational Structure of SSSPO

Panel of Experts / Consultant SSSPO has also kept an external panel of experts on the basis of services-on-call in times of need. These experts consist of highly qualified and experienced persons within the main thematic areas of SSSPO’s operations. They provide the services of emergency human and technical support to the lower and upper management of SSSPO.

The Management Staff

The management staff is led by the Chief Executive Officer (Executive Director) of SSSPO, with the lower staff consisting of Program and Administration. The management staff plan and execute the actual activities on the field